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Motion, Bristol
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IN:MOTION - Open To Close: Skream

In:Motion are thrilled to invite the legendary Skream to run the course of a whole night in the midst of the festive season. From his dubstep roots Ollie Jones has grown to encompass garage, house, techno, disco and more besides into his sound, both as a producer and DJ. The ‘Open To Close’ concept is all about bringing the focus back to a ‘pure clubbing experience,’ stripping back the flashy production and party gimmicks to place the emphasis on the music. The prospect of hearing him take the reins for an extended session from the warm up to the end of the night is an exciting one. Alongside Skream holding court over the main room, the Tunnel and Cave will see two very special guests working the decks from start to finish. It’s a golden opportunity to discover how esteemed selectors respond when they’re not fighting time constraints and sync’d up pyros to keep the party rocking.


Venue Address: Motion, 74-78 Avon St, Bristol, BS2 0PX

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